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Anthony Cazinha-Harris is an American rapper from Seattle, Washington. Due to gang violence, drugs, traumatic events, and near death experiences Muhlatto had Police and CPS involvement quite frequently at a young age.

He eventually was taken away and put into the foster care system at the age of five. After three long years of being in the foster care system bouncing from home to home, he was fortunately adopted at the age of eight and given a new name of Anthony James Cazinha.

Given a second chance at a new life, Muhlatto appreciates and draws inspiration from his past, giving his music a unique perspective and sound.

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In 2015 Muhlatto took his music to the next level. Striving for the best quality around town he searched all over Seattle Washington looking for the best engineers that were just as passionate in music as he was. After finding the best studio that suited him, he was quick to get straight to business and started working on his first official single (The One). Which he had teamed up with 2Mill and Watts, California native Glasses Malone. 

 Label status: Unsigned/Independent 

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